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SynchroMind is an online and offline mastermind community dedicated to using synchronicity and the miraculous,
to support leaders to transform adversity into opportunity,
and to design and achieve lives of health, wealth,
love, and enlightenment.

Dave Asomaning, Ph.D.

Dave Asomaning is the founder of SynchroMind. He is also the creator of the "3 Keys to

Miracle Success" operating system and method used in his miracle-minded executive

coaching, consulting, and mastermind seminar programs.

This leadership development OS is used in corporations, small businesses, schools, and

churches, and by individuals and teams ranging from beginning/aspiring leaders to 

highly experienced high net worth leaders with significant influence.

SynchroMind serves clients in business, education, government, healthcare, religion

and spirituality, the media, and sports and entertainment.

Dave is the creator of Miracle Entrepreneurs, a division of SynchroMind that focuses on

his "Nightmares to Miracles" signature programs which consist of his "Nightmares to Miracles," 

online course, the companion "Nightmare to Miracles" coaching programs, book, retreats,

workshops, seminars, mastermind groups, and speaking.

Dave's "Nightmares to Miracles" signature programs are used to support CEOs, executives,

and entrepreneurs, to apply miracle principles to their businesses and lives, to develop

miracle mindsets, and thereby to transform their nightmares to miracles in health, wealth,

love, and enlightenment.

Dave broadcasts this miracle mindset "Nightmares to Miracles" methodology for the benefit

of as many people as possible through blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media. He also

uses the underlying methodology to grow and enhance his own entrepreneurship, investing,

and philanthropy. In other words, he tests everything out on himself first.

Dave is also the founder of The Billionaire Life, a division of SynchroMind that focuses on

 leadership development in relation to miracle-minded billionaires and aspiring billionaires. 


"Building Miracle-Minded World Class Enterprises"

As the founder of SynchroMind, Dave has built an executive coaching system and process based on the bedrock of his scholarly and clinical interdisciplinary study of synchronicity and the miraculous on the interface of religion and depth psychology. In this regard, he employs a hermeneutic of integration and praxis which embraces sacred texts, signs, and experiences of divine deliverance in relation to the psychology of oppression and adversity. He applies this redemptive hermeneutic of integration and praxis to Western, Eastern, African, and African-American spirit-mind-body wellness, popular self-help and leadership development strategies, as well as to his, and his clients' personal recovery from oppression and adversity into miraculous success.


More specifically, Dave's focus is to support clients in a foundational engagement with a modified Jungian depth psychological approach regarding synchronicity, in parallel with a spiritual framework regarding the miraculous based on A Course in Miracles. Dave is an avid student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, and integrates these and other depth psychological and spiritual frameworks into powerful processes for synchronistic and miracle-minded healing, leadership development, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and the building of miracle-minded world class enterprises.


These powerful processes are put into effective action through the "3 Keys to Miracle Success" operating system, in combination with  the "Nightmares to Miracles" signature programs.

leadership development and executive coaching

Dave's Background and Timeline

Born 1959, New Haven, Connecticut.

In 1970 Dave graduated from CRIG Primary School, and in 1977 he graduated from Accra Academy, both in Ghana, West Africa.

In 1981 Dave graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

In 1987 he received a Secondary School Science Teaching Certificate from Southern Connecticut  State University.


In 1990 he received a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Hartford Seminary.


In 1992 he received a Master of Divinity from the Yale Divinity  School.  Also, in 1992, he received a Diploma in Anglican Studies from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale.


In 1996 he received Clinical Certificates in Individual and Group Psychotherapy and Spirituality from the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute. Dave also received extensive training in Marriage, Couples, and Family Psychotherapy from Blanton-Peale. Throughout his training, his clinical work focused on synchronicity and the miraculous in relation to healing.


In 1999, he received a Master of Philosophy in Practical Theology (Depth Psychology and Religion), from Union Theological Seminary.

In 2000 Dave authored Chapter 6,  "Depth Psychology, African Americans, and the Bible," in African Americans and the Bible  (Continuum 2,000), a chapter which initiates a research framework for  exploring African American engagement with synchronicity and the miraculous. This chapter was later expanded into chapter 6 of his Ph.D. dissertation.

In 2003, he  completed a Ph.D. at Union Theological Seminary in New York City with a dissertation entitled, Signs and Wonders: The Relationship Between Synchronicity and the Miraculous in Depth Psychology and Religion. This dissertation is the early scholarly and intellectual basis for the "3 Keys to Miracle Success," i.e., the SynchroMind Operating System for miracle-minded leadership development and executive coaching.

In 2010, Dave was a participant in the Synchro Summit at Yale which originated from The Synchro Project and Yale's Initiative in Religion, Science & Technology.

In 2016, Dave enjoyed applying the SynchroMind Method in support of a candidate running for political office.

Dave has served in the Episcopal Church, as well as at Riverside Church in New York City, and has enjoyed attending Unity. He studies guitar music of all kinds (especially blues, jazz, and fusion), and fantasizes about learning to dance one day. He is an avid reader and watcher of movies, and loves to travel.

For additional milestones along the way pls see Dave's Projects page.

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