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SynchroMind Serves You!

The ambitious and successful leader, entrepreneur, millionaire, billionaire,
head of state/political leader, CEO, celebrity, and mover and shaker, or aspiring leader - to set and achieve your highest goals and aspirations in health,
wealth, love, and enlightenment synchronistically and miraculously. 

High Net Worth Leaders....
  • CEOs

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Doctors

  • Lawyers

  • Financiers

  • Politicians

  • Celebrities

  • Other Movers and Shakers

All Types of Combinations....
  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Groups

  • Teams

  • Boards​

Exponential Leadership In....
  • Major Corporations

  • Small Businesses

  • Start-ups

  • Executive Careers

  • Executive Positions

  • Executive Projects​

Leaders In Every Field....
  • Finance

  • Technology

  • The Media

  • Law

  • Medicine

  • Real Estate

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Not for Profits

  • Philanthropies

  • Politics and Government

  • Universities and Seminaries

  • Religion and Spirituality

  • Health Care and Wellness

  • Sports and Entertainment​

Client Reviews

"David Asomaning has been a breath of fresh and high octane oxygen for me at this pivotal time in the expanding life of my young company. He is perceptive and sensitive to the inner workings of both my company and me, and is looking to nurture and fortify both.


His style which combines many disciplines, is effective on many levels at empowering me to be more effective at what I do. I am an entrepreneur with high aspirations and limited resources, and David looks to connect and build rather than shoot down and discourage.


What I do is a high-wire balancing act which he has helped to take some of the fear out of, in addition to empowering me to look forward rather than downward. In discussions together with partners and investors he has facilitated the sharing of feelings and ideas allowing people to be honest and open, helping me to feel less burdened and more connected to these peers."   


David, Founder and CEO, Retail Goods Company

"David Asomaning of SynchroMind was a big influence and support for me in the process of creating my own record label. His work as a leadership consultant has enabled me to develop areas of my life that I have paid little attention to before.

The central core of his message to me, the ideal of achieving total integrity in all areas of one's life, is viewed from many different angles and is supported by a great selection of literature. Since my business is always an extension of myself, and will benefit greatly from complete health and sanity in all areas, David is also open to work on a variety of other issues such as relationships, physical health, spirituality, and sexuality, which helped me greatly to become a more focused, value-driven person.


He has become a very important part of my life and is of immense value as a consultant to my company. I feel that David is encouraging his clients to live the big dreams they have, and while he is helpful with all the small steps that can make these dreams come true, he is focused on the big picture.


David is a deeply spiritual person who draws such strength from his belief that he never needs to impose it. In a way, he is approaching each situation with me in a very open and unideological way enabling me to find the answers for myself. Whenever I had burning questions I could not answer, David was able to lead me one step closer to them.


I see my relationship to him as a gift and would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in leadership development."    


W., Founder and CEO, Record Label

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