Ph.D. Dissertation

Signs and Wonders: The Relationship Between Synchronicity and the Miraculous In Depth Psychology and Religion


Excerpt from Dissertation:

"The Wisdom Figure" (similar to The Inner Genius concept - the Source of all miracles) 

Book Chapters

"A Course in Miracles" in Chapter 27 of Healing Trauma from the Inside Out:  Practices from the East and West (Tinkham) 

"African American Social Cultural Formation, the Bible and Depth Psychology"  in Chapter 6 of African Americans and the Bible (Wimbush)

Book Reviews

  • Merkur Dan, The Ecstatic Imagination: Psychedelic Experiences and the Psychoanalysis of Self-Actualization.

  • Sandner, Donald F., and Steven H. Wong, eds., The Sacred Heritage: The Influence of Shamanism on Analytical Psychology.

  • Adams, Michael Vannoy, The Multicultural Imagination: "Race," Color, and the Unconscious.

  • Lee, Jae Hoon, The Experience of the Inner Wounds: Han.

  • Ulanov, Barry, Jung and the Outside World.

  • Peters, Ted, Sin: Radical Evil in Soul and Society.

  • Sanford, John A., Jung and the Problem of Evil: The Strange Trial of Mr. Hyde.

  • Park, Andrew Sung, The Wounded Heart of God: The Asian Concept of Han and the Church.

Doctoral Projects

  • Philosophy and Religion, Ph.D., Women's Spirituality Program, California Institute of Integral Studies, 2018

  • Ministry, D.Min., New York Theological Seminary, 2012

  • Clinical Psychology Ph.D., Long Island University, 2011

  • Performance Studies Ph.D.,  New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, 2009

  • Systematic Theology Ph.D., Union Theological Serminary, 2005

Awards and Fellowships

  • The American Association of Pastoral Counselors, First Annual Award for Minority Recruitment, 1997.

  • The Blanton-Peale Psychotherapy Residency Program, Philip Carret Fellow, 1996.

  • Blanton-Peale Scholarship Committee Grant, 1992-1996.

  • Union Theological Seminary Doctoral Fellowship, 1992-1994.

  • The Fund for Theological Education Fellowship, 1992.

  • Hartford Hospital Chaplaincy Scholarship, 1992.

  • The Episcopal Church Council for the Development of Ministry Scholarship, 1992.

  • The Episcopal Church Black Ministries Scholarship, 1992-1993.

  • Yale Divinity School Grant, 1990-1992.

  • Yale University Undergraduate Grant, 1977-1981.


Selected Conferences and Presentations

  • The Cosmic Christ and A Course in Miracles, Panel, and Goal-Setting Workshop: The First Miracle Cooperative of Palm Beach County, 2018.

  • Compassion and Creativity Conference with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT, 2013.

  • The Synchro Summit Synchronicity Conference, Yale University, 2010.

  • Priorities for New Yorkers of African Descent during the Bloomberg Administration: Observer on behalf of Conference Chair, Dr. Roscoe C. Brown,Jr., 2002.

  • African Americans and the Bible – Social Cultural Formation and Sacred Texts: A Multidisciplinary Arts-Expressive International Conference, 1999. Presented paper – "African Americans and Miraculous Healing: Toward a Depth Psychological, Biblical, and Semiotic Hermeneutic."

  • American Association of Pastoral Counselors Training Centers Conference: Presented workshop to directors of various centers on recruiting minority students into the field of pastoral care and counseling, 1997.

  • The Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute: Case Presentation – "Drifting Gently Towards Wholeness," 1996.

  • American Academy of Religion, Society of Biblical Literature, 1995 Tri-regional Meeting with the theme "Jests, Tricksters, Wits, and April Fools: The Places of Levity in Religion." Presented paper – "Psychoanalysis, Religion, and Ananse the Trickster."

  • Blanton-Peale Pastoral Studies Day: Howard Clinebell: New Pastoral Approaches to Healing, 1995" Panel Discussion and Response to Howard Clinebell’s lecture on his book, Ecotherapy: An Earth-Grounded Model of Personality Theory and Therapy – Finding the Lost Self/Finding the Lost Earth.

  • Union Theological Seminary Psychiatry and Religion Department Meeting: Speaker on the topic: "Depth Psychology, Resistance, and the Internet," 1994.

Other Selected Projects

68. The Billionaire Life Website + The Billionaire Life Magazine

67. Nightmares to Miracles - An Online Digital Course for CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Other Leaders

66. The Miracle Life - A Course in Miracles  Mastermind Group (basic concepts from the group) - 2011 to the present

65. Vistage

64. Dalai Lama at Western Connecticut State University
63. Beverly's Full House (OWN) + Wikipedia​

62. Beverly's Full House Promo 1 + Promo 2(Good Clean Fun Production Co.)
61. President Obama Fundraiser Event with Client

60. Synchro Project Film - Preview Trailer (video) + App 
59. The Synchro Salon - Open Center
58. The Synchro Summit
57. The Synchro Project
56. Union Theological Seminary - Office of Student Affairs
55. Wall Street Word - SynchroMind With Dan Stratton (video)
54. FaithExchange and ProVision Network Leadership Summit​
53. Klaartje Quirijns (On the Couch Documentary Film Project)​
52. African Americans and the Bible Research Project
51. Caswell Capital
50. Auburn Coaching Institute
49. Glory Foods

48. GIFTS - Marble Collegiate Church
47. Errol Grimes Dance Theater

46. Peace Development Fund

45. DYMO
44. United American Energy Corp.
43. Chelsea Market Baskets
42. Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale
41. Turning Heads
40. Material Records

39. Bethany Presbyterian Church

38. F. David Peat (Panel at Riverside Church ~'97) + Peat on Bohm 2020

37. Riverside Church Pastoral Counseling Center (Staff Psychotherapist, '96 to '99)

36. Blanton-Peale Psychotherapy Program (Teaching Fellow) & Pastoral Studies Program (Instructor) - '96 to '99

35. Blanton-Peale Counseling Center (Staff Psychotherapist, '92 to '97)

34. Dr. Herb Rabin (Clinical Supervisor - Group)

33. Dr. Janet Baumann (Clinical Supervisor - Group)

32. Dr. Roger Plantikow (Clinical Supervisor - Individual)

31. Dr. Bert Weinblatt (Clinical Supervisor - Individual)

30. Dr. Robert Thorne (Clinical Supervisor - Individual)

29. Rev. Dr. Frederick Weidmann (Dissertation Committee - New Testament)

28. Dr. Vincent Wimbush (Dissertation Committee - New Testament)

27. Dr. Harry Fogarty (Dissertation Committee - Psych & Religion)

26. Dr Barry Ulanov (Teacher, '92-'95)

25. Dr. Ann Ulanov Wiki (Ph.D. Advisor, Dissertation Committee Chair, Psych & Religion'92-'03)
24. Jefferson House Elder Care Facility Protestant Chaplaincy
23. Hartford Hospital Protestant Chaplaincy
22. Wesleyan University Protestant Chaplaincy

21. Dr. Carol Larco-Murzyn (Advisor, Ordination Process, Episcopal Diocese of CT)

20. Annand Program in Spirituality

19. Dr. James Dittes (M.Div. Faculty Advisor, '90-'92)

18. Yale Black Seminarians (Chaplain, '90-'92)

17. Organization of Black Episcopal Seminarians
16. Seminarian, St. Andrews Episcopal Church
15. Postulant, Church of the Holy Trinity (South Africa Committee, ~'86)
14. Portland Middle School (Science Teacher and Boys Soccer Coach, '87-'90)

13. Rocky Hill High School, CT (Student Teacher, High School Science, '86)
12. Founders School for Maladjusted Asolescents (Teacher, '85)
11. Benhaven School for Autistic Adolescents (Teacher, '83)

10. Rev. Dr. Nihal De Lanerolle + Interview (Mentor at Episcopal Church at Yale, ~'82)

9. Fellowship of Life

8. Yale Christian Fellowship

7. Dr. Dale Gregerson (His research assistant at Yale Medical School, ~'83)

6. Dr. Melvin Cohen (Thesis Advisor: "Split-Brain Research As It Elucidates The Concept Of Mental Unity", Yale, '81)

5. Dr. Leo Buss (His research assistant at Yale, ~'79)

4. Yale-New Haven Hospital Volunteer Program (Yale Student Coordinator, ~'78/'79)

3. Accra Academy (Chapel Prefect, '76/'77)

2. Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana + Cocobod + Friends and Family from Tafo and CRIG

1. Dr. E.J.A. Asomaning Bio + Wikipedia Article +  Sandra Wynona Cohen Bio


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