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Executive Coaching

3 Keys to Miracle Success

An Individual and Group Coaching Program for Successful Executives and Professionals​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Who is this coaching program for?

  1. You are an ambitious and successful CEO, entrepreneur, attorney, doctor, financier, or other professional.​

  2. In spite of your amazing successes, you are still frequently stressed out, and out of balance about your health, and other aspects of your life.​

  3. Or you often feel disorganized.​

  4. Or you feel your schedule and responsibilities are often unmanageable and out of control.

  5. Or your money worries you frequently.​

  6. Or you don't know who to really trust.​

  7. Or you lack true inner peace and security.​

  8. Or you desire to have a much greater positive impact on the world now.​

  9. Or your legacy concerns you.

  10. Or your personal and/or professional relationships are often in conflict.

  11. Or your purpose in life is often unclear.​

  12. Or you desire to do less and accomplish more by leveraging your time and energy.​

  13. Or you desire your teams to be much more effective and harmonious.

  14. Or you feel constricted and trapped by the role you are playing in life, or by others' expectations of you.​

  15. Or there are huge new directions and interests in life you desire to pursue, but feel you cannot, leading to a sense of nagging unfulfillment, worry, anxiety, or fear, guilt, and anger, and even fits of rage or tantrums.​

  16. Or certain aspects of your life feel like a terrible on-going nightmare, torturing you, blocking you from feeling safe, and moving forward POWERFULLY with your business or life; or causing you to constantly look over your shoulder in terror about being found out for something you've done, or something you've failed to do.

How Will You Benefit from this coaching program? 


As a Result of this coaching program You...

  1. Have Time Freedom, Work Freedom, Location Freedom, and Money Freedom​

  2. Reduce Stress​

  3. Enjoy Greater Peace​

  4. ARE Better Organized​

  5. Live In Greater Balance​

  6. Do Less and Accomplish More​

  7. Resolve Relationship Conflicts​

  8. Build Stronger Teams​

  9. Reach and Influence More People for the Better​

  10. Improve Your Bottom Line Significantly – 10X​

  11. Live In Alignment With Your TRUE PURPOSE​

  12. Undo Negative Patterns and Habits​

  13. Forgive yourself completely for all mistakes and failures


  14. Manifest Your Goals More Rapidly​

  15. ARE successful in all areas of your life​

  16. Have your entire life in DIVINE ORDER​

  17. Develop Super Fast Learning​

  18. Break Various Codes More Effectively​

  19. Manifest Miracles Abundantly in every aspect of your life

  20. Release yourself from your Nightmares to MIRACLES, as you heal from your guilt, fear, and anger - you'll have more energy, vitality, serenity, and SUCCESS in all aspects of your life.

You combine all 3 of these skills into a powerful guidance system that enables you to transform all aspects of your leadership and life miraculously.

3 Keys Coaching Method


1. You set and achieve clear, ambitious, and measurable goals towards becoming a miracle-minded leader, together with doing the same in health, wealth, love, and enlightenment more holistically.


2. You are aware of and undo your negative blueprints towards your goals of becoming a miracle-minded leader, together with doing the same in health, wealth, love, and enlightenment more holistically.


3. You are aware of and use the guidance, strength, and plan of the Inner Genius in everything you think, say, and do towards your goals of becoming a miracle-minded leader, together with doing the same in health, wealth, love, and enlightenment more holistically.

Coaching Elements

High-impact coaching program features we work with:

  1. Initial assessment of goals and impediments
  2. High-impact signature methodology: "Nightmares to Miracles," with 7 to-the-point modules supporting this millionaire coaching program
  3. At least 4 hours of direct Miracle-Minded coaching per month
  4. At least 4 x 15 minute Miracle-Minded life-line calls
  5. Daily regimens for YOU with done-for-you time-saving methods and templates
  6. Additional print, audio, and video resources​
  7. Private mastermind group

Investment Options

Option 1 // $5K for a 6 month individual program

3 Keys One-on-One Coaching for YOU, the Individual CEO or Professional​

Option 2 // $3K per person for a 6 month group program

3 Keys Masterminding and Group Coaching for YOU, the Individual CEO or

Professional, and up to 10 other participants

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